Fighters Uncaged


    PLATFORM: Xbox 360®
    • Mild Language
    • Violence

    Become The Ultimate Weapon!

    Charge head first into the vicious world of illegal free fighting tournaments, where you will use every muscle in your body to battle your way to the top.

    Forced into a secret tournament, Simon must use what he learned from his father, an ex-boxing champ, as he faces off against violent combatants who will brutally unleash a range of vicious mixed martial arts attacks to take him down.

    No guns. no blades. Your body is the deadly weapon!


    Experience The Raw Power of Kinect
    Break into a new world of gaming, where you will use your fists, knees, legs, elbows and even your head to destroy your opponents.

    Enter the cutthroat world of illegal fighting
    Battle ruthless opponents, each trained in different deadly fighting styles. Battle on rooftops, in dark alleys, or alongside gritty city docks in immersive environments with rain, waterfalls and other dynamic elements that bring the fight to life.

    Unleash an Arsenal of Brutal Moves
    Attack with over 70 devastating moves, chain together relentless combos and end the fight with merciless finishing moves.

    Become a Master Fighter
    Use skill & strategy to learn your opponents fighting style and cruelly exploit their weaknesses.

    Open Progression Tree
    Choose your own path, opponents, and rewards to unlock new skills and upgrade your character.

    Battle with a Friend
    Team up to take down enemies in Tag Team Mode.