Battle of Giants: Mutant Insects


    PLATFORM: Nintendo DS™
    RELEASE DATE: 3/2/10
    Everyone 10+
    • Mild Fantasy Violence

    In a far distant future, a gigantic asteroid went out of orbit and collided with Earth. This terrible catastrophe left only ruins in its wake, forever changing Earth’s landscape….and its inhabitants. Insects, the most adaptable form of life on Earth, have mutated to transform into massive giants and become the new rulers of the planet.

    As one of four mutated insects, travel through the barely recognizable lands while battling gigantic enemies to find the source of the mutation. Your goal? Become the strongest mutant insect on the planet and survive the chaos!

    Key Features:
    • Create and Control a Giant Mutant Insect
      -Scorpion: massive figures within their rock and molten lava armor
      -Mantis: covered with sharpened blades of bamboo branches
      -Spider: sporting huge toxic bulbs expelling poisonous fumes
      -Flying Ant: with their rapid wings and razor-sharp edges
    • Explore the Land – Discover a new world of unique challenges
      -Roam mysterious new territories of Ruined Cities, Lava Deserts, Bamboo Forests, and Thick Swamps
      -Explore underground caverns and uncover special abilities that will allow you to see through the dense fog and dust.
      -Beware of hazards like enemy insect lairs and bottomless fissures
    • Battle other Mutant Insects and gain powerful gems -Attack, block, hit, and create unique combo attacks in Real Time
      -Use your insect’s full range of abilities to win battles – Head, Claws, Legs, Spit
      -Harness special powers to render enemies powerless, like Poison, Shock, or Regenerate.
      -Battle new extreme bosses
    • Upgrade your Insect – Use collected gems to upgrade body colors, powers, and strength to adapt to your environment.
    • Challenge your friends in 1x1 duels or Tournament Mode for up to four players.