The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom


    RELEASE DATE: 3/23/10
    Everyone 10+
    • Alcohol Reference
    • Mild Language
    • Violence
    The Settlers: Paths to a Kingdom is the latest game from the award-winning kingdom building strategy series. Created in 1993, The Settlers franchise is one of the best selling strategy brands with over 500,000 units sold in the US and over 7MM units worldwide LTD.

    In Paths to a Kingdom, the military, economic, and research systems are richer than ever. This allows players to play and win the way they want. Beyond the game campaign, fully customizable pre-designed maps, downloadable expansions and anticipated player‐generated content will guarantee wide-ranging experiences.

    The innovation does not stop at the game content. The Settlers: Paths to a Kingdom will integrate the player’s social networks contacts on Facebook and Twitter. By allowing consumers to play the way they want and share their progress with their friends, this is truly the most accessible and innovative Settlers title to date.

    Key Features:
    • A rich building and production system with brand-new graphics engine and AI: Create a kingdom with fortified towns and small villages where your Settlers produce goods for you in a brand new graphic engine system.
    • “Choose your way to play” strategy system: Defeat your opponents by unleashing shear military power, developing superior technologies, or becoming the richest player on the map.
    • The deepest social networks integration in a PC game: Invite your friends from Facebook to compete with you, share your achievements and victories in real time on Twitter, all of it without leaving your Settlers game.
    THE SETTLERS 7: Paths to a Kingdom
    v1.11 Patch

    Changes in v1.11

    • Enjoy the new map for skirmish and multiplayer

    Monhaim Valley
    The Valley of Monhaim is surrounded by alpine mountains. Three competitors challenge you in a race for victory. The starting sectors offer plenty of building space. But you should pay close attentionto your enemies because their bases are close-by. To gain tactical advantage you may conquer the huge, nebulous central sector, which offers a Victory Point and makes for a hub to reach your competitors. Use research to gain the technological edge over your opponents and strengthen your economy by trading with the Ports along the rivers.


    • The new Technology Board “The Occult Science” offers players 6 exciting Occult Technologies:
    1. Necromancy: Fallen soldiers briefly come back from the dead to avenge their death.
    2. Evil Eye: Fewer Clerics are needed to proselytize Camps.
    3. Deal with the Devil: For every soldier you send to kingdom come, you’ll be rewarded with coins.
    4. Demonic Bargaining: You’ll get more coins for each batch of Garments and Jewellery you sell at Ports and Marketplaces.
    5. Dark Aura: The effect of Clerics deployed in Camps is increased by 5%.
    6. Hidden Persuasion: With every deal they close at Ports or Market Places, your Traders have a 10% chance of obtaining their merchandise without having to pay.
    • The new Trading Board “The Pentacle” is now available in the Map Forge.
    • Added the new Template Exchange to upload, browse, share and rate templates created in the Map Forge.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a wrong message that was displayed after the game lost its network connection
    • Fixed a double displayed mentor text
    • Fixed a bug related to the shortcuts on MAC that were implemented with patch 1.09 – Shortcuts now work on MacOS
    • Fixed a bug were a Facebook account cannot be connected to game
    • Fixed a rare desync when players quit the game
    • Fixed sound issues that occurred when the online connection wasn’t available.

    Please note:

    • Players with the 32-bit version of Vista & Windows 7 should increase the amount of virtual RAM that’s available to the game, or else they won’t be able to play in high details
    1. Go to Start -> Accessories -> Command prompt.
    2. Rightclick it and select "Run as Administrator".
    3. Type (or copy): BCDEDIT /Set IncreaseUserVa 2300
    4. There should be a confirmation that it worked.
    5. Reboot.


    Changes in v1.10


    • Players will now be informed if a player is lagging behind when loading a multiplayer session
    • Players who are not responding for more that 45 seconds can now be kicked by vote

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a rare freeze when conquering a sector owned by another player or AI
    • Fixed a non upgradeable tower on “Battle for Tanholm”
    • Fixed a bug with a non reachable sector on “Grassland Mesa”
    • Fixed a savegame issue on the 1st campaign map
    • Fixed a bug with the game´s connection to Facebook
    • Fixed a rare bug where the new victory points “Pacifist” and “Ascetic” were not awarded correctly
    • Fixed a rare crash with corrupt savegames


    Changes in v1.08


    ·      The game´s balancing has been improved (details below)
    ·      The chat functionality has been improved
    ·      The installer has been improved
    ·      The Quick Play function is now customizable
    ·      Added a list of recently played opponents in the contacts menu
    ·      Added fertility information for soil when clicking on it
    ·      When playing human opponents, players now can spectate the game after a defeat
    ·      A quitting player in multiplayer sessions will now be replaced with an AI
    ·      The map Crushed Mirror is now available in Empire mode

    Bug Fixes

    ·      Fixed a chrash when loading certain older savegames
    ·      Fixed a sporadic desync when players quit a session
    ·      Fixed an issue with locked non DLC maps when using map filter
    ·      Fixed a display issue when unlocking content from the Limited Edition
    ·      Fixed a bug that would prevent achievements from being posted on the Facebook wall
    ·      Fixed various localization issues


    ·      The monthly and weekly leaderboard is now shown in an extra tab in the leaderboard menu


    Balancing Changes
    (Special thanks to all our balancing beta testers!)

    ·      Starting Resources:

    20 Meat -> 15 Meat
    5 Iron -> 3 Iron
    5 Garment -> 4 Garment
    3 Jewellery -> 2 Jewellery

    ·      Standard Trading Options:

    Before:             3 Garment -> 6 Coins
    2 Jewellery -> 6 Coins
    Now:                 3 Garment -> 4 Coins
    2 Jewellery -> 4 Coins

    ·      Conquest Reward:

    o  7 Planks, 7 Stone -> 5 Planks, 5 Stone, 2 Bread
    o  4 Tools, 4 Meat -> 4 Tools, 4 Coal, 2 Bread
    o  6 Gold, 6 Coal -> 4 Gold, 4 Iron Ore, 2 Bread

    ·      Victory Point „Generalissimo“:

    o  The amount of defeated soldiers needed to gain this Victory Point has been lowered to 20.
    o  From now on, only enemy (not neutral) soldiers, that haven’t been killed by fortifications, count towards the Victory Point.

    ·      Costs of Militaty Units:

    o  Tavern:
    Pikeman:    4 Coins, 1 Plain Food -> 3 Coins, 1 Plain Food

    o  Stronghold:
    Musketeer: 1 Coin, 1 Weapon, 1 Coal -> 2 Coins, 1 Weapon, 2 Coal
    Cavalry:      2 Coins, 1 Fancy Food, 1 Weapon, 1 Horse -> 2 Coins, 1 Plain Food, 1 Weapon, 1 Horse
    Cannon:      2 Coins, 1 Fancy Food, 2 Weapons, 2 Wheels, 1 Coal -> 2 Coins, 1 Fancy Food, 1 Weapons, 2 Wheels, 2 Coal

    o  Cannon Foundry:
    Cavalry:      7 Coins, 5 Garment, 3 Jewellery -> 4 Coins, 3 Garment, 2 Jewellery

    ·      Generals‘ Bonuses:

    o  Bertram, the Bonecrusher
    Before:       +50% close combat damage
    Now:           +30% close combat damage

    o  Philipp, the Prudent
    Before:       +25% close combat and +25% long-range damage
    Now:           +15% close combat and +15% long-range damage

    o  Theobald, the Tactician
    Before:       +50% long-range damage
    Now:           +30% long-range damage

    o  Hugo, the Hotspur
    Before:       +25% close combat and +25% siege damage
    Now:           +15% close combat and +15% siege damage

    o  Cuno, the Cool-Headed
    Before:       +25% long-range and +25% siege damage
    Now:           +15% long-range and +15% siege damage

    o  Siegfred, the Specialist
    Before:       +50% siege damage
    Now:           +30% siege damage

    o  Albert, the Allrounder (Only available at the Dark Fortress)
    Before:       +20% close combat, +20% long-range and +20% siege damage
    Troops regenerate twice as fast
    Now: +10% close combat, +10% long-range and +10% siege damage
    Troops regenerate twice as fast

    ·      Clerics‘ Defensive Bonuses:
    The defensive bonuses of clerics deployed in camps now also affect fortifications.

    ·      Expansion with Church and Trade:

    The conquest of sectors by proselytism or bribery has been adjusted.
    o  The costs of proselytism and bribery have been reduced altogether.
    o  Conquering sectors peacefully won’t destroy their fortifications anymore.
    o  Because they aren’t destroyed anymore, fortifications have to be “payed for” when a sector is conquered by proselytism or bribery, increasing the relative costs of fortified sectors.
    o  Destroyed fortifications aren’t taken into account anymore when calculating the costs of bribery and proselytism.
    o  The proselytism of Cavalry, Cannons and Fortifications now also calls for Brothers and Fathers.
    o  The bribery of Cavalry, Cannons and Fortifications now also calls for Garment and Jewellery.
    o  Bribery Costs:
    Coins: (10 x 0,5) + (10 x Pikemen x 0,2) + (10 x Musketeers x 0,2) + (Wooden Towers x 10 x 0,5) + (Stone Towers x 10 x 0,6)
    Garment: (10 x Cavalry x 0,2) + (10 x Cannons x 0,2) + (10 x Wooden Towers x 0,4) + (10 x Stone Towers x0,5)
    Jewellery: (10 x Stone Towers x 0,4)
    o  Proselytism Costs:
    Novices: (1 x 4) + (1 x Pikemen x 0,5) + (1 x Musketeers x 0,5) + (1 x Wooden Towers x 1,8) + (1 x Stone Towers x 2,7)
    Brothers: (1 x Cavalry x 0,5) + (1 x Cannons x 0,5) + (1 x Wooden Towers x 0,9) + (1 x Stone Towers x 1,8)
    Fathers: (1 x Stone Towers x 0,9)

    ·      Event Locations:

    o  The costs of trade quests at Event Locations have been reduced.
    o  The costs of quests granting a treasure have been raised and adjusted to the costs of quests granting a technology.
    o  The Earthquake now also destroys 50% of the supply of Stone, Coal, Iron Ore and Gold in the storehouses of the targeted player.

    ·      Fortification of Victory Point Sectors:
    From now on sectors granting a Victory Point are generally fortified or are defended by strong neutral units.

    ·      Defense of neutral Sectors:
    The amount of troops in neutral sectors has been adjusted on the following maps:
    o  Badland Ridge
    o  Glacier Vale
    o  Amber Coast
    o  Crushed Mirror
    o  Blazing Heat
    o  River Town
    o  Swampland Rivermouth
    o  Sandbeken
    o  Fiery Chasm
    o  Tempest Taiga

    ·      Map specific Changes:

    o  River Town
    -     The Victory Point “Trading Company” has been added.
    -     The amount of Victory Points needed to achieve victory has been raised to 5.
    o  Tempest Taiga
    -     The amount of prebuilt buildings has been reduced.
    -     The amount of animals has been reduced.
    o  Nienroth
    -     The preset AI opponent has been changed from Raspun to Zoé.
    -     The amount of animals has been reduced.
    o  Mordsweiler
    -     The fertility of the starting sectors and adjacent sectors has been adjusted for all players.
    -     The amount of neutral units defending the Victory Point sector has been raised and the fortifications in that sector have been upgraded to stone fortifications.
    -     The amount of neutral units defending the sector between players has been increased and the fortifications in those sectors have been upgraded.
    -     The amount of animals has been reduced.
    o  Amber Coast
    -     The Victory Point “Trading Company” has been added.
    o  Crushed Mirror
    -     The Victory Point “Trading Company” has been added.
    o  Swampland Rivermouth
    -     The Victory Point “Trading Company” has been added.
    -     The amount of Victory Points needed to achieve victory has been raised to 6.
    o  Badland Ridge
    -     The Victory Point “Trading Company” has been added.
    -     The amount of Victory Points needed to achieve victory has been raised to 7.
    o  Glacier Vale
    -     The Victory Point “Trading Company” has been added.
    o  Blazing Heat
    -     The amount of Victory Points needed to achieve victory has been raised to 7.



    Changes in v1.06

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed empire connectivity problems
    • Fixed some multiplayer connectivity problems
    • Fixed a problem with savegames that could not be deleted
    • Fixed tower issues on Sandbeken

    Known Issue

    • The game might freeze for a few seconds when joining an empire or multiplayer session


    Changes in version 1.05


    • Event sectors for which players have gained free passage (by finishing quests) are now indicated on the overview map by a free passage icon
    • Added a warning icon to construction buildings whose constructor cannot spawn due to a missing tool
    • Added a warning icon to special buildings where trainings stalls due to the population or army limit
    • The handling of the logistics menu has been improved. A left click on a task will now open a context menu which allows the player to move the task to the front of the panel, pause it or cancel it altogether
    • Added information about the player's position as well as improved navigation options to the leader board screen
    • Added the option to change the game’s default port if a router does not separate two connections correctly:

    - Add these lines to your “Options.ini” file (C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\My Documents\Settlers7\Options.ini)

    DefaultPort = 9205

    The default value is 9103 - anything else should do

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a concurrency issue during account authentication (first login)
    • Fixed various random crashes
    • Fixed a rare crash when activating the earthquake
    • Fixed a bug that prevented achievements from being unlocked
    • Fixed a possible exploit with retreating armies delaying the conquest of a sector
    • Fixed a bug with the calculation of coins rewarded for completing a map
    • Fixed a bug with player profile points being reset
    • Blazing Heat: Adjusted amount of units in a neutral sector

    New Content

    • Enjoy the sixth and eighth campaign map optimized for skirmish and multiplayer:


    The Land of Wolffelden is surrounded by huge river streams and mighty waterfall cascades. Two rulers with different starting conditions want to gain control over this rich and fertile land. On top of a high plateau you can find an old town, overlooking the wide river streams and offering a Victory Point. When you dare to enter the enchanted forest, the mighty werewolf residing inside, may be useful on your path to victory. At the riverbank you can find the only port. Choose your tactic wisely, depending on your starting position, which may favor a certain strategy.


    Three rivals compete in the domain of Sandbeken. It may be beneficial to choose your strategy wisely depending on your starting position. Thick vapor is ascending from the central misty swamp and spreading out to the surrounding lush meadows. It may be key to your success, when you accomplish to cross the misty swamp or gain access to the connecting sector inside the swamp area. There are two further town sectors, which have tactical value and offer victory points. There is a river port in the north and a marketplace in the southern hills, which offer rich trades.


    Changes in version 1.04


    • Fixed some stats based victory points. Technologies, trade posts and killed soldiers now count for deactivated players
    • Players who leave a session are now removed from the map / UI

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug that caused construction huts and storehouses to disappear
    • Fixed a bug with an already upgraded fortification on Crow´s Nest
    • Fixed a bug that reset campaign progress
    • Fixed a bug of the screenshot function
    • Fixed a bug that the “Heat of Battle” achievement was not properly unlocked
    • Fixed a bug with the desync error message
    • Fixed hunters that beam home when working in deep woods


    • New Hotkey
    - Ctrl + P = Take Screenshot


    Changes in version 1.03


    - The allocation of fancy food to butchers has been improved
    - If a teammate gains a dynamic victory point that has been yours, this will not be shown in your interface anymore. A sound will be heard instead.
    - Added a check if the last game launch was successful. If not, the game options are reset to default

    Bug Fixes

    - Fixed rare crashes of the auto save function
    - Fixed a bug with the screen mode detection that prevented the game from starting
    - Various client side networking fixes
    - Various server side networking fixes
    - Various UI fixes
    - Fixes for Russian localization
    - Streets beneath bridges are no longer visible

    New Content

    - Added the 4 player Map: “Crow´s Nest” for skirmish and multiplayer matches
    - The "Crow´s Nest" has a single marketplace and unevenly spread resources. Consider your starting position, and choose your strategy wisely. Additionally, not all sectors have fortifications to protect them


    - Prestige rewards now grand weapons, garments or books.
    - The readme has been updated
    - New hotkeys:
    - Ctrl + P = Take screenshot
    - Ctrl + 2 = VP screen
    - Ctrl + 3 = Economy menu
    - Ctrl + 4 = Logistics menu
    - Ctrl + 5 = Trading routes menu
    - Ctrl + 6 = Warfare menu
    - Ctrl + 7 = Technology board


    Changes in Version 1.01

    - Facebook and Twitter features implemented
    - Increased multiplayer stability
    - Fixed various balancing issues
    - Fixes localization issues

    Bug Fixes
    - Fixed various problems with the savegame option
    - Fixed problems with online profile storage
    - Fixed crashes related to street upgrade
    - Fixed crashes in map forge
    - Fixed a lot of minor bugs

    If you are behind a proxy and would like to use the Facebook features, add the following entries under [System] in your options.ini (find it here: C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\My Documents\Settlers7\Options.ini):

    WebProxyHost =
    WebProxyPort = xxxx
    WebProxyUsername = someName (optional)
    WebProxyPassword = somePassword (optional)